Meghana Bisineer

ಮೇಘನಾ ಬಿಸಿನೀರ್


Meghana Bisineer is an Indian born artist, curator and educator.
Making drawings, animations, films and installations, her work is shown internationally; across galleries, artist-lead spaces and international film festivals.

Her analogous, site-specific, meditative, and process driven practice draws out an embodied investigation into the nature of time and personal memory in relation to place and landscape. Combining a largeness and a smallness of scale, at times working directly with the physicality of her exterior surroundings, Meg's work gives form to the vastness of our emotional landscapes and interior worlds. Capturing a tender appreciation for the fragility of us, here, now, the films offer a moment of connection. Tactile yet ephemeral, the work often exists on the cusps of performance and ritual, holding within its deep and poetic materiality a moment of becoming.

Graduating from NID, India, and the Royal College of Art, UK (2006), Meg is currently Co-Chair of the Animation Program, and Associate Professor of Animation and Graduate Fine Art at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, and also Co-founder & curator of Eyewash Experimental Animation Salon with Christoph Steger.

Life and work is made between Oakland, CA, London, UK, and Bangalore, India.